Feb 8, 2013

How To Get Rid Of A Boil – My Story (BoilX Review)

So far I covered all the knowledge you needed to know about the boils. If you haven’t read my previous post then feel free to check that out.

But of course I did not mention how to treat the damn thing! Well in this post I will be sharing with you how to finally treat your boil, I will share my story and the product I used.

Around 3 years ago my son began to experience and encounter a boil at the back of his neck (he was 13 years old at the time). At first we both thought it was just a really bad spot because it was not that big in size so we didn’t do anything but within a few days he kept saying to me  – “This really is starting to hurt”

Boils are considered like a quite serious medical condition and are highly infectious. It means, once the bacteria infiltrates your skin, it can very easily cause future boil formations in other parts of your body.

Now obviously the first thing I thought to do was to go report to a doctor, however getting an appointment these days takes up to a week and I wanted faster results to help my son. The hospitals don’t really consider a boil as an emergency so you can’t just walk in these days.

Plus working in a pharmacy I knew there wasn’t anything effective enough to treat a boil that is already in its painful stages, there are only creams to prevent swelling and antibiotics obviously, to reduce the pain. Now the thing with a boil is that you need to suck it out of its skin, therefore special cream or spray was needed which was not available.

I was frustrated, I have never experienced the feeling of not really knowing what to do to treat this condition, the only thing I knew is that it had to be treated fast. So since I was in this situation and I wanted fast results I did what any normal person would do. Search the internet for answers.

Glancing and searching through the internet, I came across something that looked like it could finally help me and treat my sons boil. It was just the answer I finally wished to find.

BoilX Review

The product was called BoilX and I was actually shocked that I have never seen or heard of a product like this.

The product uses natural ingredients in which are non-toxic to your skin, which is great because I’m usually put off by medicine with so much chemicals. There were no negative side effects and the product even mentions this. So when I finally entered the site, it was really simple to understand what the purpose was.

get rid of a boil

Screenshot of where I filled in my information.

As soon as you enter you have the choice in ordering the product immediately by filling out some basic details such as your address for your order.

This was the most convenient for me as I was in panic at that moment in time, so I quickly filled in my details and without a doubt wanted to order and see if I get results.

The site was so user-friendly and the company that makes the product is definitely experienced in it’s field.

General Overview

After I arrived on the first page and filled in my name, address, etc. Then it took me to the following page (screenshot below) – see at this point I didn’t actually know how much the product was going to be so when I saw £72.50, I was a bit shocked because that seemed a bit much for me for a product that treats boils.

But then I realised that this was just the largest offer that’s available which is worth 6 months supply ( I didn’t really feel that I needed that much supply of the product) Then I saw that there was a 1 bottle offer available for £24.11 which was worth 1 month supply. This sounded more right for me so I ordered it and gave it a shot! :)



Within 3 days, I received the product (I selected rush delivery) It came in a small package as it was a spray. Yes a spray! This was what we were looking for, something that’s easy to use. Without hesitation I applied the spray twice on to the affected area of my sons boil, this was done by spraying twice but three times a day, as the product recommends. Literally within the first few days the swollen area was reduced and my son said he felt less pain, which was great to hear.

If you do decide to order the product, I would recommended getting just 1 months worth of supply at first (the one I picked) so you can see if the product benefits you rather than spending much more money on 6 months supply to find out you are not seeing results with it! :)

Benefits Of Product

  • Quick delivery
  • Easy to use (its a spray) and follow instructions
  • Professional site with straight forward solutions
  • Non-toxic
  • No negative side effects
  • Worth the price
  • Experienced company with a dedicated research team of medicine

The Folks At BoilX Sure Knew How To Make A Customer Happy :)

Drawbacks Of Product

  • Product may cause risks if you are pregnant or nursing
  • Not suitable for children under 12
  • Wait for delivery may cause more boils to spread

Within a week the size of the boil reduced to a size of a typical spot and that was the point when it was suitable to pop whats left of it. (I had to be very careful and yes I was aware of the risks, so if you decide to purchase this product and get to this stage then I recommend getting several tissues and antibacterial liquid.)

The job was done! It lived up to its expectations and I couldn’t have been more pleased with what had happened so quickly. I dedicated this site to helping anyone with a boil, this product has amazing benefits and I really recommend it, there is nothing like this in the market and the company was formed in 2002, so generally speaking quite recent, so that is why I and a lot of people don’t know of this quick,easy and effective treatment for boils!

So if the story I shared with you was helpful, feel free to check out the link below to visit the site and even order your own copy! :)

Click Here To Order Your Copy Of This Product And Finally Treat That Boil!

Feb 24, 2014

Boils and Stress

Hey everyone, I’ve come across a interesting topic that is constantly being discussed online and that is whether boils have a strong relationship with stress. Lets discuss :)

Boils and Stress

Boils are certainly one of the most irritating and embarrassing of skin conditions which can be caused by a number of factors such as stress for example. While they may seem unrelated at first, boils and stress are actually linked in terms of cause and effect.

Understanding how to deal with boils and stress starts with knowing what causes boils and the link between boils and stress. The sooner that you take action, the less likely you will re-develop boils on your skin.

While some people are more susceptible to boils than others, there are factors which can increase the chances of boils occurring and one of them is stress.

How does Stress create Boils?

One reason why skin boils and stress are related is because stress negatively affects the body’s immune system. Basically, boils that would otherwise be stopped in their early stages by the immune system are allowed to grow and multiply which in turn creates more painful boils. Plus, by weakening the immune system, boils will reoccur more often in those who are vulnerable.

Stress are boils are not linked directly, but indirectly which means that by reducing stress the chances of having boils reoccur will be reduced. However, to treat the boils that have already developed, reducing stress levels is only part of the actions that need to be taken as you will have to treat the boil directly as well.

How can Boils and Stress be reduced?

There are a number of ways that boils and stress can be significantly reduced. In fact, reducing stress can lead to a number of healthy benefits which includes extending your life. What follows are some simple, effective ways to reduce both boils and stress.
Proper Hygiene: Practicing good hygiene helps keep the skin clean from bacteria and greatly reduces the likelihood of infection. This means regular bathing or showering with additional attention being paid to areas where boils tend to develop.
Identify the Source of the Stress: Stress does not exist on its own, you will need to identify and address the specific cause or causes of your stress. In this manner, you can take steps towards reducing the amount of stress in your life which can have positive benefits beyond the reduction of skin boils.
Exercise: Exercise has a positive impact on your health and is also a great stress reducer as well. Engaging in regular exercise, particularly cardio and weight training provides the body with excellent stress relief while improving the overall health.

Leave a comment if you believe stress relates to the cause of boils? :)

Speak soon.

Feb 5, 2014

Are Boils And Diabetes Related?

Hey everyone, in this post I want to talk about an ongoing question I often receive and that is ‘do boils link with diabetes?’. This is a great question, let’s discuss! :)

Are Boils and Diabetes Related?

Since it is relatively common to see those suffering from diabetes also have skin issues such as boils, some may believe that there is a direct link. However, boils and diabetes are caused by different sources, they are related in the sense that having diabetes does make a person more vulnerable to developing boils.

The Effects of Diabetes on the Skin

The main long term effect that diabetes presents to the health of the skin is that it will reduce the overall blood flow because of damage to the blood vessels and nerves caused by having too much sugar in the bloodstream.
When blood flow to the skin decreases, it negatively affects the skin’s ability to heal itself. Also, those with diabetes will have their skin alter in texture and appearance as the collagen underneath is being affected as well. This makes potential boils far more likely to appear on the skin of someone with diabetes that those with healthy skin.

What Causes Boils?

A boil is basically a skin infection that begins inside a oil gland or hair follicle. What begins as a small red spot develops into a very tender lump. Between four to seven days later the lump begins to turn white as puss forms under the skin.
Boils range from relatively small and irritating to larger, harder infections that are difficult to treat. Generally speaking, boils tend to form on the face, neck, shoulders, armpits and the buttocks. A boil that forms on the eyelid is called a sty. If a group of boils appears, this is a more serious form of infection that is known as a carbuncle.
A boil is generally formed because of a germ that enters the skin though small nicks or travel down the hair follicle until it reaches the gland and begins the infection. So while notdirectly the cause, skin boils and diabetes are certainly related due to the skin damage that diabetes creates.

How Skin Boils and Diabetes are Related

Boils and diabetes go hand in hand when it comes to the mounting afflictions that a person suffering from diabetes will undergo unless properly treated. This means that boils and diabetes symptoms that are not addressed quickly will result in the condition of the skin deteriorating even more. This can lead to further outbreaks of boils and other skin conditions, reduced blood flow to the extremities and even blindness and amputations of the limbs.
However, if caught early diabetes can successfully be held in check with a combination of insulin injections, proper diet and exercise programs. For those with Type 2 diabetes, losing weight and getting into good physical condition may stop the degradation of the skin in its tracks. Meaning that with proper care and good hygiene boils may be prevented from occurring.
So, are boils and diabetes related? In the strictest sense no since people with healthy skin can develop boils, even serious ones that require medical treatment. What diabetes does is create a more favorable condition for boils to develop on the skin because of the reduced blood flow and lesser ability of the body to properly react to the infection.

I hope this post helped you guys understand the link between boils and diabetes. Thanks for reading. Talk to you in the next one. :)

Jan 2, 2014

What Are Boils? Are Boils Embarrassing?

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well. I thought I would release this post about over-viewing the major points that people want to know about boils, more like a whole summary of the basics you need to know about boils. Hope you find it informative :)

Common Places for Boils to Appear

Boils are one of the oldest, most recognizable skin conditions with accounts that go back thousands of years. Boils can be quite embarrassing to contract and getting rid of them is usually a slow, painful process.

What are Boils?

A boil is an infection of the hair follicle that is often caused by bacteria. The result is a painful, swollen area under the skin that starts off as a reddish-colored lump that develops a white center as the pus and dead tissue inside are ready to be released. Boils can range in size from pea-size to golf-ball size or even larger depending on the intensity of the infection.
If the infection is severe enough, a person may experience fever, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes as well. A collection of boils in the same area is called a carbuncle, a common occurrence with people susceptible to contracting boils, particularly those who are obese, diabetic or have hematologic disorders.

Where are the Most Common Places for Boils to Appear?

A boil can appear anywhere there is a hair follicle present. However, most boils occur on the face, shoulders, neck, armpits, inner thigh and buttocks areas. Boils can last several days before they discharge their pus and dead tissue.
Boils can also affect people who eat a poor diet, do not practice effective hygiene, exposed to harsh chemicals that irritate the skin or have issues with their immune system. Having boils on body areas, particularly the armpits, inner thighs and buttocks can be very irritating since these areas are subject to friction and pressure from sitting down.

Why Boils are Embarrassing

Boils can be embarrassing for a number of reasons, perhaps the most obvious is that they are not pleasant to see, especially large ones that discolor the skin and appear ready to burst. However, boils are generally associated with people who do not practice good hygiene, although this may not be the actual cause of the boil itself. Poor hygiene is socially unacceptable in many cultures as a certain level of cleanliness is expected.
Boils are also a sign of being in poor health, which can be embarrassing for many people as well. However, the more you are educated about boils, the less embarrassing they should be since they can strike anyone, even those who practice excellent hygiene and are in very good health.

How to Treat Boils

How to treat a boil will depend on its severity. If you run a fever, have swollen lymph nodes, or have a weakened immune system, then seeking out medical treatment is highly recommended. This is especially true if more boils start to appear, the boil does not drain or red streaks start appearing around the area.
For most boils however, letting them run their course is usually the best action as they will drain and go away. Once the boil has burst and started draining, using antiseptics and alcohol will prevent the pus and dead tissue from infecting another hair follicle.
Preventing boils from reoccurring means identifying the reason for contracting the boil in the first place. Once that is identified, then the proper action can be taken.

Thanks for reading my posts, I hope you find them useful! :)

Nov 8, 2013

Simple Home Remedies To Treat Boils!

Hey guys! How have you all been?  I’ve been receiving lovely feedback about your ‘boil prevention’ processes :)

Most of you suffer from different types of boils, some of you from small boils and infections but some of you serious large boils. I’m glad my site has helped you through your ‘boil fighting journey’

I thought I would make a post for the people that suffer from minor boils and that are not as painful or difficult to treat. If your experiencing a boil that you need to treat immediately, you find this post helpful.

Ok, so I will discuss some simple home remedies for boils that you can attempt to prevent and treat those little boils of yours! :)

Vitamin A (Retinol)

Its main uses in the body: Tissue maintenance. Creates healthy skin,hair and mucous membranes. Helps us see in dim light and it is essential for normal growth and reproduction.

So healthy skin is on the list! And boils appear on our skin, so it would be great if you have some Vitamin A in your system!

Sources in your diet: Broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, cheese, milk, carrots

Symptoms of deficiency: Dry scaling skin, poor immune system, night blindness

Symptoms of overdose: Damage to the liver, kidney and bone. Headaches, vomiting, hair loss.


Its main uses in the body: A nutrient that helps fight bacteria and viruses, found in cells throughout your body.

Sources in your diet: Oysters,Beans, nuts, whole grains, and dairy products

Symptoms of deficiency: Zinc deficiency  causes hair loss,diarrhea, eye and skin sores and loss of appetite.

Symptoms of overdose: Vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and headaches.

Another really important thing that your body will need in order to assist with boils, skin sores are the main cause of boils and Zinc will greatly help with that!

Drinking natural mixed fruit tea

Drinking any sort of tea is good for your immune system but the mixed fruit tea will also provide other necessary vitamins that your body needs. Hot fluids wash out a lot of bacteria so I would definitely recommend drinking this sort of tea at least 3 times a day to ensure you have a clean immune system.

Applying a little bit of Calendula ointment

This is a popular skin product that is made from a marigold plant that you can find in any major pharmacy. It is used to treat burns, minor cuts and skin irritation so if you do believe that you might be getting a boil and you know that it may be just in its early stages then you can apply some of this to the affected area.

Doing this, the oitment will act as an antiseptic and may likely reduce any inflammation of the affected area. This is not guaranteed as everyone suffers from different types of boils.

So that’s the list of the home remedies that I’m willing to recommend for anyone reading this to try! Of course the only downside of home remedies is that is not guaranteed that it will treat the problem.

All I’m saying is be aware and if you do want to try these methods, say cautious and be safe, it may work or it may not. All of which I mentioned will of course though do more good then harm :)

Thanks again! Take care :)


Sep 13, 2013

Do Boils Lead To A Threatening Disease In The Future?

Hey Everyone! I haven’t made a post in so long! I’ve been getting a mixed range of emails from you guys about the steps in treating and preventing boils. As I already have covered most of the content from that area, I would like to talk to you about an interesting question I was asked by email  ‘Will boils cause other unrelated diseases in the future?’

Here is something you don’t want to be doing when you have a boil.

It has been known that the cause of boils are just from:

- Weak immune system

- Poor diet

- Lack of activity

- Lack of body wash

- Bacteria build up

I truly believe that those are the main reasons for creating boils. Now it is difficult to say that boils cause other problems in the human body but the likeliness that another boil occurs is high if not treated accordingly e.g bacteria spread on skin through bursting boils – which of course is not recommended.

There are over a million people here in the UK that suffer or have suffered from boils or very intense acne and most doctors believe that the cause of boils for certain patients are from diseases that they already have such as diabetes, vitamin D deficiency. So a boil can occur from other things but say if you are a person that knows for sure that you haven’t got a major health disease and you do pick up a boil on your skin, no matter where it is, then it is most likely caused by the bullet points I mentioned above.

Some may believe that the full cause of boils is a mystery just like the cause of spots , no one fully knows. Some think it is from stress. But whats interesting is that so many people are suffering from high levels of stress which leads to depression which leads to those major diseases. A lot of stuff that occurs to humans we don’t even know why it occurs, but we know the specific treatment for it, which is really odd if you think about it. How can you know the cure for something but you don’t know what causes it? Sounds logical to know, right? but yet it is far too complicated :/

So the answer to the question of this post is – No one yet knows!

This was just a little post for you guys from me, just to catch up ! ;) As always keep up the great questions, feel free to leave a comment! And once again don’t forget to check out my previous posts and my review of the product I used to treat boils.

Have a great day! :)


Mar 16, 2013

Is MRSA the same as a Boil?

I have covered that MRSA is the same disease bacterium that forms a boil but is it a boil? I’m not even going to try to spell out what MRSA stands for, it is probably one of the longest bacterium names out there! look up the name if you are interested!

Ok fine here goes :) – MRSA = Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus 

^Source link- Wikipedia


MRSA seems a bit unclear

MRSA is quite a powerful bacterium that is quite resistant to antibiotics, making it somewhat difficult to cure in patients.  There are a lot of skin infections/diseases that look so much the same that it seems impossible to fully recognize in confidence that someone has a specific problem and there is a clear solution.

Is MRSA contagious?

As a matter of fact, according to research it is. It can spread by Skin-to-Skin contact. Meaning it can be easily distributed from one person to another, so being with a partner that has an unknown outbreak on their skin, think twice before coming too close to them until you are fully confident that you know what that person has on their skin.

Other ways in which close contact can allow MRSA to spread to another person is in sports. If you are playing sports that require a lot of contact such as wrestling, rugby you are obviously increasing the chances of an infection spread.

Touching people is not the only way of spreading infections to others, do not forget, touching every day objects that multiple people use such as equipment, appliances can also spread the bacteria to the next person that uses or touches that object.

To sum up, MRSA is the same bacterium that causes boils. The prevention of MRSA would follow the lines of boils too which I discussed in my previous post. The treatment of MRSA varies from each person and the condition and period the infection has been present. Usually the treatment requires all the pus to be eliminated. The principles of treating MRSA is the same as treating boils.

Specifically speaking MRSA is NOT the same as a boil as MRSA is a bacteria which causes boils and other major skin infections.

Thanks for reading this post, more posts will be coming soon! :)

Feb 4, 2013

How To Prevent Boils

Alright, so before I talked about the causes of boils and what they actually are, but obviously that’s not as important as say finding the best way on how to prevent boils. Lets get to it!

Prevention of boils

Now, first of all taking antibiotics for boils would only reduce swollen pain that the boil actually causes, this is something I would recommend ONLY when you are into the treatment process of the boils and actually are removing  the boils. Depending on the product that you use ( This was the post on what I used to treat boils get rid of a boil )

Is important to understand that you do not share or come into contact with things such as towels,clothes or other materials that has been touched with someone with boils.The reason is because the pus is very infectious and can cause further outbreaks of boils, if not handled properly.


What you eat is very important as we all know, but do you eat the suitable amount of foods that would prevent boils from appearing? Take a minute to think about that. It’s not just preventing boils from appearing it’s preventing acne,blisters, athletes foot, the list is quite endless so eating right has to be right!

I’m telling you things you already know:

  • Eating a light diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
  • Drinking plenty of water (8-10 glasses a day)
  • Exercising regularly helps to get rid of toxins faster and helps maintain optimum health and boosts immunity.

Try to avoid fatty foods, It’s OK to eat them once an a while and I’m not saying to change your diet and your whole way of taking care of yourself but I’m simply stating what can really help you out in the future.

Just remember though, most best tasting foods are usually the most unhealthiest for us :S


We need to always be hygienic, it’s just how it is. Millions of skin cells die every second so we need to wash and remove them for the body to be fresh.

  • Using antibacterial soap and washing your skin often.
  • Experiencing cuts or wounds need to be badged to prevent outbreak of infection and bacteria.
  • Sustain personal hygiene to prevent boils on skin from appearing.
  • Losing weight actually helps prevent boils as there would be less skin for the bacteria to form.

This list is just something to have in mind.


You may find that going out for a half an hour jog can prevent boils from appearing in the future. When our bodies exercise, we tend to release nasty nutrients that our body doesn’t need in the form of sweat. Exercising will improve your cardiovascular and immune system and it will feel replenished. Plus when you are actually exercising you will be (in a way) forced to drink liquids because you will be more thirsty, hence cleaning your immune system further (drinking plenty of water)

Is interesting though, most people that are ill and go to the gym the same day feel completely fine the next day because they sweat so much because of the high temperature they have. So when it comes to their body recovering -  it fights back to its healthy original self!

Of course this is not evidently proven that exercise helps to prevent boils because nowadays people say exercise prevents so many things and there are so many benefits. So this option should be a ‘try it and see how you feel’ one .

The next post will be the post you have been waiting for and the post that has been requested the most by all of you. It’s the boil treatment post and my story, and what you should do to treat and finally remove your boil effectively so you can live happily ever after! :)

If you do not want to hear my story and review of the product then I understand, the link below is the product I used to and talk about in the next post:

Click here to visit the products site that I used to treat boils

Thanks for reading once again! I will talk to you in the next post! :)

Feb 3, 2013

Boils On Skin

As this website that I created is about helping you with boils, lets first discuss some background knowledge about them and how boils get on our skin.

What is a boil?

A boil is actually a skin infection. And I know what you’re thinking:

“But I take care of my skin, how could I have possibly gotten a boil?”

Well, a boil begins from an infection in a hair follicle or a oil gland in our skin, and at first the area turns red. This is usually the point where people mistake the red area as a spot (my story).

Staphylococcus aureus is the professional term for it. This later forms a small lump that begins to increase slightly in size forming pus under the skin.

Infection of a group of follicles causes a carbuncle. Sometimes, the infection may spread out the hair follicle into the other issues (cellulitis), causing fever and illness.

Not very appealing now is it?

Not very appealing now is it?

From what i just mentioned, you now know that there are other similar problems that can outbreak from boils, so that is something to bare in mind.

Let me guess, the area that you have your boil is either on your face,shoulders,neck,buttocks,legs or armpits?

This is because these are the most common areas for a boil to appear. If you DO NOT have a boil in these areas then there might be a chance that it is not a boil, but something else.

Just so you know you can always message me on twitter if you are unsure if you have a boil:


What are the causes of boils?

The causes of boils I would say is quite vague. It is usually difficult to specifically explain how a boil is formed for each person. But scientists and doctors usually say that the health scenarios that cause boils to appear can be either:

  • From Diabetes
  • Having problems with the immune system
  • Having poor hygiene, not cleaning your skin,washing your hair.
  • Poor nutrition, not taking in the suitable amount of vitamins and minerals required for yourself.
  • Exposing yourself and your skin to constant harmful chemicals that irritate it.

These are very reasonable explanations but they are still as vague as the causes of spots and acne. The points I just listed also give you a rough idea of how to prevent boils as well.

OK, so far we have discussed:

  1. What is a boil?
  2. The symptoms of a boil
  3. The causes of a boil

I will be posting more about boils very soon so make sure you stick around! :)

Click here to hear my story on treating a boil


Feb 2, 2013

Do You Want To Get Rid Of A Boil?!

Hello, I’m Audra Beil.

Welcome to my site dedicated to help YOU conquer boils, I would like to thank you for showing your interest and need. What you will see on this website is the most honest view and outline of how I found the most effective way in treating boils on the net.

I will share my story with you and hopefully give you some effective advice and suggestions about boils, in which you should find useful. 

This is one of my first posts and is just a brief introduction welcoming you to my site, so make sure to check back for more news and posts that I will share for you very soon.

Who Am I?


Hey I'm Audra Beil,

Thanks for checking out my site dedicated to explaining health posts about boils and helping you to treat yours!

If you would like to read more about who I am, I created a quick about me page so just check out the page link below :')

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