Feb 8, 2013

How To Get Rid Of A Boil – My Story (BoilX Review)

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So far I covered all the knowledge you needed to know about the boils. If you haven’t read my previous post then feel free to check that out.

But of course I did not mention how to treat the damn thing! Well in this post I will be sharing with you how to finally treat your boil, I will share my story and the product I used.

Around 3 years ago my son began to experience and encounter a boil at the back of his neck (he was 13 years old at the time). At first we both thought it was just a really bad spot because it was not that big in size so we didn’t do anything but within a few days he kept saying to me  – “This really is starting to hurt”

Boils are considered like a quite serious medical condition and are highly infectious. It means, once the bacteria infiltrates your skin, it can very easily cause future boil formations in other parts of your body.

Now obviously the first thing I thought to do was to go report to a doctor, however getting an appointment these days takes up to a week and I wanted faster results to help my son. The hospitals don’t really consider a boil as an emergency so you can’t just walk in these days.

Plus working in a pharmacy I knew there wasn’t anything effective enough to treat a boil that is already in its painful stages, there are only creams to prevent swelling and antibiotics obviously, to reduce the pain. Now the thing with a boil is that you need to suck it out of its skin, therefore special cream or spray was needed which was not available.

I was frustrated, I have never experienced the feeling of not really knowing what to do to treat this condition, the only thing I knew is that it had to be treated fast. So since I was in this situation and I wanted fast results I did what any normal person would do. Search the internet for answers.

Glancing and searching through the internet, I came across something that looked like it could finally help me and treat my sons boil. It was just the answer I finally wished to find.

BoilX Review

The product was called BoilX and I was actually shocked that I have never seen or heard of a product like this.

The product uses natural ingredients in which are non-toxic to your skin, which is great because I’m usually put off by medicine with so much chemicals. There were no negative side effects and the product even mentions this. So when I finally entered the site, it was really simple to understand what the purpose was.

get rid of a boil

Screenshot of where I filled in my information.

As soon as you enter you have the choice in ordering the product immediately by filling out some basic details such as your address for your order.

This was the most convenient for me as I was in panic at that moment in time, so I quickly filled in my details and without a doubt wanted to order and see if I get results.

The site was so user-friendly and the company that makes the product is definitely experienced in it’s field.

General Overview

After I arrived on the first page and filled in my name, address, etc. Then it took me to the following page (screenshot below) – see at this point I didn’t actually know how much the product was going to be so when I saw £72.50, I was a bit shocked because that seemed a bit much for me for a product that treats boils.

But then I realised that this was just the largest offer that’s available which is worth 6 months supply ( I didn’t really feel that I needed that much supply of the product) Then I saw that there was a 1 bottle offer available for £24.11 which was worth 1 month supply. This sounded more right for me so I ordered it and gave it a shot! :)



Within 3 days, I received the product (I selected rush delivery) It came in a small package as it was a spray. Yes a spray! This was what we were looking for, something that’s easy to use. Without hesitation I applied the spray twice on to the affected area of my sons boil, this was done by spraying twice but three times a day, as the product recommends. Literally within the first few days the swollen area was reduced and my son said he felt less pain, which was great to hear.

If you do decide to order the product, I would recommended getting just 1 months worth of supply at first (the one I picked) so you can see if the product benefits you rather than spending much more money on 6 months supply to find out you are not seeing results with it! :)

Benefits Of Product

  • Quick delivery
  • Easy to use (its a spray) and follow instructions
  • Professional site with straight forward solutions
  • Non-toxic
  • No negative side effects
  • Worth the price
  • Experienced company with a dedicated research team of medicine

The Folks At BoilX Sure Knew How To Make A Customer Happy :)

Drawbacks Of Product

  • Product may cause risks if you are pregnant or nursing
  • Not suitable for children under 12
  • Wait for delivery may cause more boils to spread

Within a week the size of the boil reduced to a size of a typical spot and that was the point when it was suitable to pop whats left of it. (I had to be very careful and yes I was aware of the risks, so if you decide to purchase this product and get to this stage then I recommend getting several tissues and antibacterial liquid.)

The job was done! It lived up to its expectations and I couldn’t have been more pleased with what had happened so quickly. I dedicated this site to helping anyone with a boil, this product has amazing benefits and I really recommend it, there is nothing like this in the market and the company was formed in 2002, so generally speaking quite recent, so that is why I and a lot of people don’t know of this quick,easy and effective treatment for boils!

So if the story I shared with you was helpful, feel free to check out the link below to visit the site and even order your own copy! :)

Click Here To Order Your Copy Of This Product And Finally Treat That Boil!

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